Autoresponder Abuse – Endless Loops

Autoresponder abuse

Creating endless loops

When most people think of autoresponder abuse they think of spam marketing email, and they are ready to read an article about how to stop junk email. Fair enough. But this article has to do with another kind of problem.

Autoresponder abuse can happen if one autoresponder email address is used in &#1072 second autoresponder as if it is &#1072 usual email address.

Let’s say &#1072 person sets up an autoresponder using email address A. If that person fills in email address A into another person’s autoresponder (call it ‘autoresponder B), the result can be devastating.

What happens is that autoresponder B sends &#1072 message to autoresponder A, which sends &#1072 message back to autoresponder B, which sends another message back to autoresponder A, and so on and on. This is sometimes called an endless loop.

Sometimes this kind of endless loop can be stopped manually if it is caught early. But it is not easy to catch or stop. If it goes on too long it requires specialized expert knowledge to stop and fix.

The lesson here is to use your autoresponder email address properly.



Automated Email Marketing Can Kill Your List. Learn How to Avoid That 
Business 2 Community, on Tue, 08 Jul 2014 13:09:08 -0700

Every business needs it, but that doesn’t mean you need to abuse it. While automated email marketing software is designed to quickly reach your entire list and give you the convenience of being able to communicate information to your list at any time 


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Autoresponder Abuse – Cheating On Discussion Groups  



Auto Responders Can Teach A Course


Auto responders can be great teachers

Here’s &#1072 way to use your auto responder to do online teaching.

If you have an area in which you have special knowledge you can use your auto responder to spread the word in your own online classroom and to show off your expertise.

  • Start by breaking down your knowledge into smaller units.
  • Make each unit &#1072 lesson.
  • Set up each lesson in your email sender or auto responder as email messages.
  • You can, of course, include short advertisements within each message to invite sales and other website visits.
  • Invite website visitors to sign up through on online form which connects with your auto responder service.
  • Once people sign up, they will learn more about your subject matter on your teaching websites, and they will be exposed to links to whatever products and services you choose for them.


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My Week Using An Email Autoresponder And Whether I’d Keep Up The New Habit 
Fast Company, on Mon, 04 Aug 2014 02:21:39 -0700

Reader Scott Souchock also points out that while the autoresponder may be helpful on my end, what of the autoreply’s recipient? They get to receive another piece of email that they have to process, read, and delete. So essentially, I’m spamming them!

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The New Habit Challenge: Use An Email Autoresponder Every Day 
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That’s where the email autoresponder comes in. Several famous busy people like HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes use &#1072 daily email autoresponder to keep people’s expectations in check, their guilt at bay, and their time to themselves, and it’s so very easy to do.



How To Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing

Here’s just one idea


News from around the world is just &#1072 few mouse-clicks away.

An incredibly useful feature is email notification based on your keyword search.

Instead of paying &#1072 “clipping service,” most websites will send this info to you free.

Once you get this info you easily can use this news.

Let’s say you own stock in &#1072 particular company. Point your computer to any number of news services. Have them send you breaking stories on any company topic, like the CEO, changing regulations, interest rates or other things affecting your business, such as affiliated companies and new products.

All this online news certainly has &#1072 mass email marketing place, especially for extremely specialized areas of interest, hobbies, or business news.

Your finished product will surely have customers, who will gladly pay for marketing emails you make chock full of useful info.



email campaigns
An overview of online marketing. A simple graph that represents the major components of online marketing, including, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including RSS and Atom feeds, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Viral Networking/Blogs and Social Netowrking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Email marketing 

Direct marketing email marketing templates

Bulk email software best email marketing service

Email spam email marketing solutions

Email service provider (marketing) online marketing tools

 Affiliate Marketing, Autoresponders And Email Newsletters  

How do marketers manage their mobile email channel effectively? mass email Econsultancy (blog), on Thu, 26 Jun 2014 06:41:15 -0700

More than half (52%) of 18-34 year-olds have clicked through to &#1072 website from &#1072 mobile email, so it’s therefore imperative for email marketers to ensure their communications are suitably optimized for all mobile devices. This stat comes from all the 

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The simple yet powerful subject line may be the most important piece of real estate in email marketing. Especially in today’s world, where your best subscribers may read it on their smartphone in carpool line, you must make the subject line compelling.

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Email marketing is the digital workhorse, deemed the most effective (relative to other digital tactics) for building awareness, acquisition, retention, and conversion. In fact, 56 percent of respondents identified email as being the most effective at 

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One Clique is &#1072 digital marketing company that has made &#1072 name for itself by providing clients with effective and legitimate digital marketing services, including management of SEO, Google Adwords and Email Marketing. The company recently reached &#1072 new …

How Blacklists Ruin Christmas For Email Marketers  Marketing Land, on Wed, 25 Jun 2014 07:26:15 -0700

A blacklist is &#1072 way of blocking IP addresses or domains of email servers sending out identified spam. Once &#1072 spam source has been identified, the blacklist owner will place the domain and/or IP address onto &#1072 list so that anyone can query it and block 

Build Customer Loyalty and Trust with These 4 Simple Emails simple emails Business 2 Community, on Wed, 25 Jun 2014 10:26:15 -0700

Our educational resources show you how to combine good design practices with strategic marketing so you can grow your business. We believe every small business deserves to have &#1072 BIG brand! For the next few weeks, you’ll receive &#1072 series ofemails …

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How To Use RSS In Email

Rss in email


RSS or Really Simple Syndication or, as it was once called,  Rich Site Summary is an information management tool. It has gained vast popularity among website owners. With RSS technology, it is possible to get the latest postings, like rss news, on one site, sometimes called an  rss url or rss website, to use on &#1072 different website.

If you want RSS, clicking on the RSS or XML button in &#1072 homepage is not enough to give you your goal. An ‘RSS feed’ or code displayed in the pop-up screen is composed of symbols and words that make sense only to advanced RSS users and computer programmers. Another software tool called an RSS aggregator or reader is needed.

What is the best rss?

There are two kinds of aggregators. One can be called the downloadable program or desktop-type, and the other can be called the online or web-based type. The desktop aggregator usually costs something; the charge includes updates and patches. You are also paying for the ability to customize the RSS feeds, page format and design.

On-line or web-based aggregators are usually free of charge. Just register an account, then start enjoying the services. Depending on the “brand” of the aggregator, customization is more limited. Some don’t allow any customization at all.

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At &#1072 hearing this morning before House Oversight, Gina McCarthy defended secret email exchanges with the White House, saying that they need to be able to have confidential communications to allow them to be “efficient and effective.” …. RSS – Comments. The Minority Report Network is &#1072 collection of conservative/libertarian minded news & opinion websites and applications serving the online community. The Minority Report Network is your all-access pass to some of the best and …

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I’m starting to review books and other materials for the site. No awards just yet, but consider reviews on this site to be positive recommendations. If you would like me to consider something, send me an email or comment. If you are &#1072 publisher, …

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Police: 5,500 possible victims of phone hacking | Hacked Off aweber embed code

… of the hacking trial, the Metropolitan Police said it had warned 3,500 individuals that their name and phone number were noted by the Sunday paper’s specialist phone hacker, Glenn Mulcaire, or appeared in phone records or emails.

SendMeRSS newsletter software

Comparison of feed aggregators aweber comparison

AWeber aweber free trial



What Is An Autoresponder, And Do I Need One?


Autoresponder sounds like &#1072 complicated word.Duh, what is an autoresponder? Do some people suffer from autorespoder madness? But it takes only &#1072 short learning curve to feel at home with the word.

The best way for you to learn and master autoresponder skills is to click on the advertising just above and give it &#1072 try. You will be learning from the best autoresponder. You will be up and running in no time flat!


Kismet, a robot with rudimentary social skills
Kismet, &#1072 robot with rudimentary social skills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Electronic mailing list  as in “mailing list manager and “emails list”

How to Set Up &#1072 Killer Autoresponder free autoresponder
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So how do you set up an auto responder that’s not annoying? Start in the first email by thanking them, explaining what to expect, and offering some advice on content they might find interesting. (links to some of your most popular pieces of content 

The New Habit Challenge: Use An Email Autoresponder Every Day 
Fast Company, on Fri, 25 Jul 2014 02:48:29 -0700

That’s where the email autoresponder comes in. Several famous busy people like HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes use &#1072 daily email autoresponder to keep people’s expectations in check, their guilt at bay, and their time to themselves, and it’s so very easy to do.


Who Killed the Autoresponder? 
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The autoresponder has been used for years as &#1072 way of both engaging the potential customer and keeping them “in the loop.” The concept behind the auto responder, that the prospect will be sent &#1072 series of pre-written content pieces, each of which 

AI-based email conversations shown to quadruple lead engagement for more … buy email list

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More details about effective lead engagement and management are available in the white paper, “Why You Should Stop Using Autoresponders,” which can be downloaded at An autoresponder is &#1072 computer program, …

Artificial intelligence-based email conversations shown to quadruple lead … 
MarketWatch, on Thu, 05 Jun 2014 08:56:15 -0700 , the only provider of lead interaction management software driven by artificial intelligence (AI) for sales, marketing, and customer service organizations, today released &#1072 white paper explaining why email autoresponders often fall short of

Autoresponder email template

AWeber html email template

Squeeze page email newsletter

Drip marketing email list management

How To Use RSS In Email free email list mass email



aweber pricing – Why Emailers Heart AWeber (& You Will Too)

aweber pricing is the key

If you’re thinking bulk email marketing there really is one place to look for bulk email marketing. Think aweber if you’re thinking of an email marketing campaign.


Aweber pricing video: How to save money in Aweber

Create An Email List Using AWeber – Adam Morgan


Email marketing 

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How To Use RSS In Email  

AWeber Marketing Software Debuts Six Integrations to Boost Lead-Generation 
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Burgers and Brews: AWeber-Style

Summer and BBQ go together like AWeber and email marketing. Since we don’t suggest putting your email list on &#1072 grill, we have rounded up our team’s favorite burger recipes along with their ideal craft brew pairings. Our in-house chefs …


Autoresponder Abuse – Cheating On Discussion Groups

Autoresponder abuse

Autoresponder abuse occurs when people use their autoresponder address  when

they sign up for discussion group lists or email distribution lists.


This is &#1072 common feature of all email marketing software. This error causes

&#1072 kind of email forwarding loop. Their messages are looped back to their own

list each time they send &#1072 real message to the discussion group list.


This is considered &#1072 bad practice by list owners and members,

and can get the autoresponder owner banned.



Bounce message 


Investigating Speedy Methods Of how to buy youtube …

Auto-responder messages. 2. Facebook. 3. Testimonials with your blog. Include links to videos within your auto-responder messages. I have found that my broadcast emails are opened 16.1% more regularly when I mention from the email subject box which the email posesses &#1072 video clip. I also have 19.4% more … Do not abuse social video marketing in your auto-responders by constantly sending videos which might be nothing more than &#1072 sales hype. Use videos with facebook …

Comparing Painless how to increase youtube views Solutions

Auto-responder messages 2. Facebook 3. Testimonials on the blog. Include links to videos inside your auto-responder messages. I have found that my broadcast emails are opened 16.1% often when I mention inside email subject box that this email includes &#1072 video clip. I also have 19.4% more clicks within … Do not abuse social video marketing in your auto-responders by constantly sending videos which might be nothing more than &#1072 advertisement. Use videos with facebook as well …

SMS Autoresponder – Meta-Perception – Blogger

SMS Autoresponder- Never been done before future software! via Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq Posted by Tyler at 3:57 AM. Labels: IFTTT, Technology (latest) :: Kicktraq …


Relationships Sell

Relationships sell

So foster your relationship

Here is the important part of how relationships sell:

When someone adds their name to your email marketing list you enter into &#1072 relationship with that person. How you handle that relationship can spell the difference between success and failure. That’s why relationship selling is essential.

If you treat your email list members with respect you have &#1072 better chance to succeed. Use your email messages to them to stay close to them, to send important messages, to ask about and solve their problems. People in &#1072 client relationship want something that benefits them.

If you treat them as buyers – and nothing but buyers – your greed is bound to be communicated. Most people don’t like to be in customer relationships in which they are seen as wallets only.



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As &#1072 modern marketeremail is at the heart of your online marketing efforts . . . so it’s important to take the time to make sure that every aspect of your strategy is optimized. That’s why I’ve developed &#1072 list of nine rules over the years that have 

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This is part II in the Email Marketing Mastery series. Missed Part I? Read it here. In the last post, … your email open and read rates today. We looked at how you can be play ethical, use hypnotic words, create &#1072 stellar autoresponderlist and &#1072 

5 deadly mistakes in email marketing 
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Actually, if you keep subscribers in your list that aren’t opening your emails, it can start to hurt your deliverability. Say you send &#1072 monthly newsletter. If &#1072 subscriber hasn’t opened your last six emails, they probably don’t want to receive them 

Is Automated Email &#1072 “List Killer”? 
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With so many marketing tools to date, people sometimes underestimate the power that still exists in email marketing. Don’t throw it on the backburner and blindly send out bland, redundant emails hoping someone will read it. If your approach isn’t 




Price-based selling 

Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management 

Promise marketing 


What is responsive website? And why does it matter?

Responsive website design

More and more people access the internet on cellphones and tablets. The days of domination by desktop and even laptop computers is drawing to &#1072 close.

‘Responsive website design’ refers to websites designed to work on cellphones and tablets, as well as the older, clunkier sources.

What does this have to do with email marketing, the main subject of this blog?

If you do not use responsive website design to make your website the best you will fail to get people to sign up for your email list so they eventually get more information and buy more products from you.

How to make &#1072 responsive website

Look for &#1072 responsive website tutorial.



Responsive Logos Add Oomph to Your Favorite Brands 
Paste Magazine, on Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:03:45 -0700

What he calls “&#1072 exploration into scalable logos for the modern web,” Harrison has developed responsive logos that resize as you move about the website. It’s based on screen size, so you’ll see changes if you resize your browser or rotate your device.

The beginner’s guide to organizing content on mobile-friendly designs 
The Next Web, on Mon, 28 Jul 2014 09:30:00 -0700

responsive website responds to the size of &#1072 user’s browser by adjusting the pieces of the site to fit in the space available. is &#1072 responsive website, and you can test this by adjusting the size of the browser window on your computer 

Responsive Web Design Brings Mobile, Tablets, & Desktops Together in 1 … 
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10 Best Design, &#1072 California based internet awards organization recently announced the Best Responsive Web Design Firms for July 2014. The selection of the RWD firms is founded on the capabilities of design companies to develop web design platforms … Proudly Announces That Its Website Is Now A … 

Midland Daily News, on Sun, 27 Jul 2014 23:56:15 -0700 has upgraded its website to &#1072 responsive website design, making it easier to read, use and navigate on most devices. The move from &#1072 proprietary website design to &#1072 WordPress-based design will further enhance its …

Is responsive design killing mobile? 

VentureBeat, on Sun, 27 Jul 2014 09:07:30 -0700

At the most basic level, it’s the difference between having one website or two. Responsive design allows the layout, scale and orientation of the desktop site to be adapted to &#1072 mobile viewing experience. The content served up to the user is the same 

Responsive web design 


Response time (technology)